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A Zigzag Over Essence

Curated by Brigitte Mulholland

Ellen Berkenblit, Katherine Bradford, Tamara Gonzales, Vera Iliatova, Francis Upritchard

Katherine Bradford, %22Person with Color

September 24 - October 25, 2020​ 

Opening reception:

Thursday, September 24, 4-7pm

Winter Street Gallery is pleased to present A Zigzag Over Essence, on view from September 24 through October 25. The exhibition unites five artists whose atmospheric, mysterious works are punctuated by sharp and bold gestures. Figures emerge from, or exist in, spaces without narrative; resonating instead on visceral, emotional—perhaps even primal or mythic—levels. Inspired by a line from a Wisława Szymborska poem, the exhibition’s title invokes the coexistence of seemingly opposing forces that merge to create a complex, nuanced whole. The decisive energy imbued in particular lines and shapes in the paintings and sculptures complements their overall ethereal nature—offering a wondrous peek into the varied, complicated nature of the human experience. 

Curated by Brigitte Mulholland.


Ellen Berkenblit, %22Hattie,%22 2019, Oi

Ellen Berkenblit

Hattie, 2019

Oil on linen

12 x 9 inches (30.5 x 22.9 cm)


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